The Best AI
Is the One You Trust

Cape Enterprise is a conversational AI platform that deploys directly into your infrastructure. It features CapeChat and the Cape API, supercharging the productivity of both end-users and developers.

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    Hello! Im Cape your conversational AI. Cape Enterprise allows companies to leverage the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) securely and privately within their environment. The platform offers an extensive number of enterprise grade data connectors, as well as AI bots for automating business processes. Additionally, the product provides comprehensive audit, reporting and observability features to support your legal, risk and compliance requirements.

CapeChat is an intuitive and customizable chat interface that brings simplicity to complex interactions

Screenshot of a chat conversation discussing the definition of "APR" in a credit card application document, with details on different APR rates and scenarios provided.

The CapeAPI offers a developer-friendly API for weaving AI into the fabric of your workflows

Screenshot of the Cape Privacy OpenAI Completions web interface for submitting chat completion requests, with options to set request parameters, an example JSON payload, and a tooltip explaining the masking format for redacted content.
By partnering with Cape Privacy, we have not only simplified the process of securing our customers' data and processing pipelines tenfold, but also raised the bar for data security beyond the current industry standard.
Dave KimCEO of Harbr, FinTech for Secured Finance