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Data science and privacy working together.

Founded in 2018, Cape Privacy was created to help protect our privacy by default.

Our collective technical backgrounds are a mix of cryptography, machine learning, data science and software engineering. We’ve worked at large enterprises like Salesforce, Cisco, IBM, and DataDog, as well as startups like GoInstant, Snips, DigitalOcean, Zenly and OmniSci.

Our team is fully-distributed across the United States, Canada and Europe, working productively across 9 time zones.

At Cape Privacy our foundational core values are those of respect, collaboration and trust. We are proud of maintaining a strong culture of work-life balance. Together we are solving important problems with technology.

At Cape Privacy, we believe:

  • Technology should protect our privacy by default.
  • Privacy-enhancing technology should be accessible.
  • Research into new privacy techniques should be published and peer-reviewed.
  • Data science and machine learning has the potential to help solve some of the world's hardest problems.

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Our mission is simple: data privacy for all

We started Cape Privacy because Privacy-Enhancing technology should be a priority.

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