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TF Encrypted: Private machine learning in tensorflow with secure computing

Dr. Morten Dahl explains how encrypted learning with TF Encrypted creates more trustworthy data science.

The State of PPML

Listen in as Ben Lorica and Dr. Morten Dahl weigh in on the current state of privacy-preserving machine learning. They explore topics such as encrypted learning, federated learning and collaborative learning. They also recommend several privacy-enhancing software and tools which offer support for machine learning practitioners looking to build more privacy-aware data science.

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Udacity: Learn how to build Encrypted ML with Andrew Trask

Learn how to build privacy-preserving and encrypted models with OpenMined's Andrew Trask on Udacity learning platform.

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A Path to Sub-Second, Encrypted Skin Cancer Detection

Want to get started with encrypted deep learning? Follow along with Yann Dupis to detect skin cancer on encrypted images.

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Privacy: Why It Matters

Machine Learning’s Privacy Problem

Jason Mancuso speaks at DEFCon about privacy issues and mitigation in machine learning.

Data Privacy

Dr. Hugo Bowne-Anderson and Katharine Jarmul discuss privacy-protections in difficult times. How can we retain privacy measures while protecting public health and humanitarian needs?

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Secure Multi-Party Computation

Want to learn more about secure multiparty computation (MPC)? Check out Dragoş Rotaru's Awesome MPC resource collection on GitHub and dive into the world of secure compute.

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