The Cape Privacy Encrypted Learning Platform

Optimized Encrypted Learning for Increased Machine Learning Success

What if multiple parties could learn from secure data, without needing to decrypt it?

Elevate your existing machine learning with the trust and confidence of encrypted learning.

Leverage New Data Sources Without Decrypting Them

Has there ever been data you wanted to see, but couldn’t? With Cape’s Encrypted Learning you don’t have to see the data to learn from it.

Faster Encrypted Learning

We optimized encryption protocols for machine learning, enabling the use of encrypted data without excessive compute overhead and latency.

Discover Ground Truth

Tired of seeing substandard model performance in production? Use encryption to attain ground truth and learn faster with the right data.

Import Encryption Functionality into Your Jupyter Notebooks

Get started with your existing tools -- Cape integrates with standard machine learning and development processes like Python and Docker.

Jupyter Notebook IntegrationDocker IntegrationPython library and integration

Increase Model Accuracy, Reduce Data Skew

Train across multiple datasets from different organizations, geographies and demographics to reduce internal data skew and increase accuracy.

Give Data Owners Confidence with Encryption

Data owners can be confident about others training on their sensitive data. Improved privacy and security optimizes the value of the data.

Encryption that Scales

Cape’s cloud-based service and auto-scaled deployment makes DevOps and SecOps smile.

How it’s used in the real world

Learn how encrypted learning opens new opportunities.

Financial Services

Encrypted machine learning allows financial institutions to partner with other organizations to debias datasets and determine ground truth.

Life Sciences

Address biased or inaccurate data and models by employing cross-organizational machine learning using PHI, health and clinical trial data.


Applying encryption to things like location, or other personal information, enables public safety initiatives while eliminating potential abuse.

Getting Started

Encrypted Learning is a game changer for data scientists, machine learning engineers and data owners. Cape’s open source software, data science libraries and cloud-based platform make it easier than ever to get started. Let us show you how.

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