Introducing Cape Privacy's Self Service Platform for Running AI Predictions on Encrypted Data in Snowflake


On Wednesday, March 2, 2022, join us for a webinar as we discuss the future of financial services and operationalizing encrypted data in the cloud.

Panelists include:

Ché Wijesinghe, CEO, Cape Privacy (Moderator)

Luisa Herrmann, Head of Product, Cape Privacy

Michael Aguiling, Former CTO, JPMC & Cerberus Capital

Andy Brown, Former CTO of UBS & Credit Suisse

Tarik Dwiek, Senior Director Technology Alliances

Bill Schoeffel, Area Director, Financial Services Major Accounts, Snowflake

Keeping data private is hard if you want to put it to work. Traditionally, encrypted data was extremely difficult to use to produce valuable decision intelligence. Organizations were forced to either keep data encrypted and safe, or decrypt their data and put it at risk.

That is why IDC says 68% of all data collected by organizations goes unused.

But with a novel combination of the cryptography techniques-secret sharing and secure multiparty computation (MPC)—and a pioneering partnership with data cloud operator Snowflake—financial services organizations can use Cape Privacy's new secure, self-service platform to encrypt their data and keep it encrypted even as they move it to the cloud and perform powerful AI predictions.

Encryption-in-use is finally possible. Join the roundtable discussion, get a look into the product, and learn how to keep data secure by default and still use your most sensitive data to generate insights and intelligence that can give your organization a competitive edge.

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