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Cape Privacy Webinar


Missed our live webinar? No worries, you can watch the recorded version here.

Priceline CTO, Martin Brodbeck, and Cape Privacy CEO, Che Wijesinghe talk about all things data science, data privacy and machine learning. Martin shares key insights into modern privacy-enhancing technologies as they relate to digital commerce, CPG, financial services, healthcare and media.

Data science has the potential to transform business, government, and research by using powerful machine learning tools to find insights hidden in vast data stores. In the past, technical limitations and privacy and data protection regulations have kept valuable data beyond the reach of most organizations. But now, innovations in data science tools and techniques are helping organizations to unlock data’s value in surprising ways.

Listen in as Cape Privacy talks with Priceline CTO, Martin Brodbeck to learn the latest from the front lines of data science.

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Meet our Speakers


Ché Wijesinghe

CEO at Cape Privacy

Ché has over 25 years of experience in the enterprise software industry as a senior executive and entrepreneur. Ché has a proven track record of building teams that deliver significant revenue growth and demonstrable business benefit. He was previously CRO at Datalogue (acquired by Nike), SVP at OmniSci and EVP at Composite Software (acquired by Cisco).


Martin Brodbeck

CTO at Priceline

Martin (Marty) Brodbeck joined Priceline as Chief Technology Officer in 2019. Marty is responsible for all product engineering, infrastructure and technology operations for Priceline. Marty brings more than 20 years’ worth of experience to Priceline, having led technology teams within the digital commerce, financial, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer products, and media industries.

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