More Than Just a Chatbot

Cape enables your business users to describe tasks in their own words. Behind the scenes, Cape connects directly to your data sources and services. It removes the bottlenecks of human processes, like reliance on manual data processing or inputs from subject matter experts. This way, it can execute complex workflows in minutes that would previously have taken weeks. You can trust Cape to combine your data with AI because it can be completely firewalled with no Internet connection. And because Cape runs in your infrastructure, it can safely process vast amounts of internal data without the expense of a third party API, lowering costs and latency.

A screenshot of the product in use with feature callouts.


Conversational AI, with all the bells and whistles. Connect to a variety of hosted LLMs, including your own local or fine tuned models. If conversing with hosted models, protect your data with automatic redaction with syntax highlighting (and re-identification). Upload documents, and chat with them using vector search. Customize system instructions, hot swap to bots within a chat thread, and much more.

A screenshot of the product in use with feature callouts.

Multiple LLM Support

Out of the box support for all major hosted LLM providers, including OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, and Anthropic. You can also plug in your own custom models, for the most private and secure experience. Quickly switch between models with a quick switcher menu- even within the same chat thread.

Document Support with Vector Search

Upload multiple documents and ask questions immediately. CapeChat handles vector storage and search, giving you the best context automatically. It will also ensure you adhere to context limits based on the target model.

Auto Redaction

When using hosted LLMs, the prompt and data must leave your firewall. CapeChat can automatically perform redaction for dozens of entity types (including user-defined custom types), so that sensitive data is never exposed. Seamless re-identification preserves a great user experience.


Toggle on/off auto summarization, question suggestions, and syntax highlighting. Customize system instructions, and even the welcome message! You can also white label the interface with your company’s colors and logo.


Cape actions are the fundamental building block of structured prompting. Actions can be re-used in any workflow, in a deterministic way. Cape ships with a number of pre-defined actions, and lets you create your own that work with any of your enterprise data.

A screenshot of the product in use with feature callouts.


Actions can be used within any workflow. You can take components of one workflow and plug them into another.


Actions remove the uncertainty and noise from LLMs. You can be assured that when you run an action, it will do the same thing every time.

Data Aware

Actions can safely operate on any of your organizations data. You can control what data is available, and what data is not.

Batteries Included

Cape ships with predefined actions so you can hit the ground running. You can also easily create actions from previous chats, or through our UI.


Not your Grandfather's Workflow automation engine. Optimize your team's productivity with AI-powered Workflows, designed for seamless integration with your organization's data ecosystem. Customizable Workflows adapt to your specific requirements, ensuring a personalized interaction with your Large Language Model (LLM) without the hassle of repetitive configuration. To create consistent and repeatable workflows, Cape features a user-friendly GUI. This enables teams to combine data, AI, and even internal systems to handle recurring needs.

A screenshot of the product in use with feature callouts.

Data Aware

Our innovative data connectors empower Cape Workflows to seamlessly access and utilize data from across your organization, enriching your chats and tasks with comprehensive company-wide insights.

Flexible Deployment

Flexibility is key with Cape Workflows. Whether you prefer cloud-based solutions for ease of access or seek to deploy workflows within your own infrastructure for enhanced security and data privacy, we've got you covered.

Smart, but Safe

Workflows help you accomplish tasks and work with your data, but you don’t need to worry about giving LLMs free reign to your data stores. Workflows ask permission before committing any changes.

Structure your Prompts

Workflows add structure to your LLM interactions, helping you achieve repeatable tasks, reducing the noise LLMs often bring to the table.

Data Connectors

We are revolutionizing the way enterprises interface with data. Our transformative suite includes highly integrated data connectors purposely crafted for LLM products, delivering you efficiency and streamlined workflow.

A screenshot of the product in use with feature callouts.

Data Aware

Our proprietary Slack Connector enables an enhanced level of data awareness within your communication channels. Facilitating informed decision making, it ensures seamless integration across business functions, optimizing operational efficiency. Your corporate communication, upgraded.

Data Exploration

With our SQL Generation Data Exploration Workflow, navigate complex data structures with ease. Generate astute business reports, unlocking critical insights, and inform your strategic decision-making process with reliable data. Your corporation's gateway to informed strategies.

Streamlined CRM

Our Salesforce Connector reimagines your CRM approach. It ensures instantaneous and comprehensive management of customer data assets, enabling superior customer experiences. Drive higher customer engagement and loyalty with our dedicated, corporate grade solution.

AI-Powered Innovation

Realize an unmatched level of potential in your enterprise data, shaping strategic outcomes and gaining a competitive edge. Elevate your corporate intelligence with the power of artificial intelligence.


Comprehensive insight on all LLM usage. Cape Privacy provides a single pane of glass with common metrics regardless of vendor. Get critical visibility from usage activity to how your sensitive data was protected with redaction. Set policies and monitor prompts to flag or block requests. Observability and analytics give you the power to monitor, protect, as well as highlight valuable usage patterns.

A screenshot of the product in use with feature callouts.


Experience the power of comprehensive usage analytics for LLMs directly from our user-friendly dashboard. Visualize and decipher usage patterns, highlight trends, and make informed strategic decisions that can significantly enhance the efficiency of your LLM deployment and usage.


Our platform offers advanced token analytics features, arming you with a deeper understanding of token usage and behavior. Incorporate these insights into your business strategies to improve security, optimize resource allocation, and elevate your performance in the competitive marketplace.


Ensure that your organization remains compliant with privacy and data protection standards while optimizing data utilization for enhanced business performance. Safeguard customer trust and ensure data privacy without compromising on operational efficiency.

Adaptive Policies

Our analytics capabilities seamlessly integrate with our policy decision-making features. Monitor LLM requests in real-time, and base your acceptance or rejection decisions on objective data and insights. Enhance the security of your operations while also ensuring that your resource usage remains both efficient and effective.