The Best AI Is the One You Trust

Agentic workflow automation across all of your data

Agentic no-code workflows to improve productivity and time to value.

  • Marketing: Estimated time savings from just days to minutes per campaign - Learn more
  • Compliance: Projected operational cost savings from 3 down to 1 analysts per year - Learn more
  • Risk: Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) - Save thousands of hours of vendor on-boarding - Learn more

Privacy by Default

Your Own AI at the Heart of the Data

Agentic Workflows

Combine AI and data to easily represent multi-step business processes for repeatable automations.

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AI-powered Knowledge Retrieval

Save time finding relevant insights and answers by leveraging AI to easily search multiple documents and data sources.

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The Cape API

Build your own custom applications that can access the full capabilities of Cape Enterprise using a comprehensive set of APIs.


Total Redactions



CapeChat is an intuitive chat interface that enables easy use of multiple public and private LLMs.

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